What our customers say…

  • A Non-Invasive and Structurally Sound Solution
    Andrew and his team have been absolute game-changers for our construction project. We had significant party wall objections from a neighbour to our proposed loft conversion which resulted in legal proceedings and the final acceptance of the TeleBeam system by the Upper Tribunal (Lands) as a non-invasive and structurally sound solution has enabled us to fulfil our dream of building. Without TeleBeam’s unparalleled, top-tier support, our project wouldn’t have been allowed to commence. Thank you! Mr. S. Doherty, Camberwell, August 2023
  • So Simple but Effective
    The TeleBeam system is a great way of doing loft conversion in new build houses. It’s so simple but effective. The fact that you can reach from wall plate to wall plate without fuss is great. Once beams are in position, the L shape brackets give you the position of your stud and keeps every thing straight and square. Also the strength in the TeleBeams are great. We would recommend this to everyone – we have been. We have posted a few pictures on our page bullnose joinery to give people a taster of what can be done. The response … Read more
  • Great Customer Service
    The customer service at TeleBeam has been second to none and I will not hesitate to recommend you for both the great product and service. M. C., Surrey
  • Excellent Communication
    The team at TeleBeam are really customer focused – from the site visit to delivery the communication and information provided was excellent. Mr. B., Erpingham
  • Clean, Safe & Fast to Install
    By using TeleBeams the speed at which we can now work, the ease of use, improved safety issues, mean we can recommend it unreservedly to anyone looking for a cleaner, safer, faster and more efficient system than the traditional methods used. Lofts of Space, Fareham
  • Exceeds All Expectations
    We are delighted with the result as the internal space exceeds all expectations and really enhances the house, all this is due in no small part to the use of TeleBeams, without which we doubt if we would have gone ahead as the difficulties and disruption of using steel were extreme. John & Diana.
  • Outstanding System
    What an outstanding system I shall be recommending this to all agents and architects I deal with. The best idea I have come across. Structural Engineer, Peterborough City Council.
  • Proficient & Friendly Team
    An excellent structural system for truss roof loft conversions, provided by the proficient and friendly team at TeleBeam Ltd. Swindon Loft Conversions Ltd.
  • Quick & Cost Effective
    The simplicity and flexibility of the system appealed to us, it was quick and more cost effective.  TeleBeam made sure the whole process was completely transparent. I would not hesitate to recommend TeleBeam. Rachel B. Woking, Surrey.
  • Minimal Disruption to the Roof
    TeleBeam made our dream of a loft conversion possible. With its ease of fitting, minimum disruption to the roof, and a huge reduction in the overall cost of a like for like traditional conversion. Thank You Digby and your team at TeleBeam. Mr. M., Dorset.
  • Would highly recommend
    The product and service received was very professional and I would highly recommend the TeleBeam system especially when you have a modern truss style roof. Mr. F., Essex.
  • Delighted with the Result
    We are delighted with the result as the internal space it exceeds all expectations and really enhances the house.  Mr. M., Devon.
  • A Stress Free Conversion
    My builder and I are amazed at how good this system is, a stress free conversion and I would not hesitate to recommend this system. The after sales service I also found exceptional!! J. Blake, Stroud.
  • Uncomplicated & Easy to Install
    The TeleBeam system really is as user-friendly, uncomplicated and easy to install. Our builder had it all bolted into place within one working day. Mrs. B. Norfolk.
  • Extremely Pleased
    We are extremely pleased with how everything has worked out. The space we have achieved has been absolutely amazing, and much of this is down to using TeleBeam. Mr. L., East Sussex.
  • Happy to Recommend it
    We found TeleBeam very simple and quick to install and would be happy to recommend it to anyone. JPS Carpentry & Joinery, Wiltshire.